The Dejvice Get-together

Designing a visually pleasing row of connected spaces, aligned along one façade, was a challenging task. After a couple of attempts, we created a version the allows occupants to see through the entirety of the flat. For example, a parent standing in a bedroom on one side can look through the centre of the flat, through the kitchen and dining room, past the system of bookshelves into the living area and into the child’s bedroom. The ability for parent and child to peek at each other was a preferred part of our design.
The interior of the flat was inspired by the unique epoch of the early 1920s, which corresponds with the building where the flat is situated. The façades and living area were designed to have a rising geometrical abstraction, but for the artistic and gentle eye. Similar patterns are featured on railings and the cover of the heating system, pointy doors mirror the style on the stucco windows, and the upholstery reflects the pattern on the entrance door, etc. Meanwhile, the simple surfaces and façades highlight nobleness—oak veneers and lacquered in dimmed colour tones.

Our role

  • apartment
  • reconstruction