Secret Door at the Settlement

Outside Litvinov, the local part of the town, the Settlement, is almost unkonwn. Such a unique location - in terms of the scale, urban relationships, living typology. It was built during the 1940's by the dreamers of socialism (the national one back then) as a separate model town. A unique attempt for neighbouring living in compact blocks of low buildings, spiced up by medieval romanticism: gates, towers and wooden staircases. Behind the doors of the flats, this nostalgia of the original architects contrasts with the interiors of emerging state consumption of the 50' and the 60', following the periodic trend 'catch up and overtake' (west). Together with the owners, we modified one of the flats to meet their needs and breathed in a new identity, preserving everything it used to be and still is. Contemporary housing for residents who are aware of where they live and why. The flat is, among other things, a unique pair of secret rooms, or rather their hidden entrances. Behind one door is a concealed office with its own toilet where the owner does not want to be disturbed and behind the other…

Our role

  • apartment
  • reconstruction