Creative Studio and Laboratory of Associative Dreaming, or ATLAS, is above all a beautiful idea. A fun collective work open wide in many ways.

ATLAS is basically a big urban living room. You can be at home here for a while, too. Sit back in a cultured way, but also stretch out lazily on the couch, read in the library, look out the window, practise a musical instrument, work on your laptop, get stuck in the online universe, play, breastfeed, exercise, chat with a visitor, have a cup of coffee and, last but not least, enjoy the art you are allowed to touch with impunity if you feel the need.

In the design, we used the most precious thing available: the original architecture of the Trade Fair Palace. We rescued the entire floor, completely flooded with panelling and partitions, from the darkness. We made all the windows accessible, opened the vistas, and gave voice to the grid of reinforced concrete skeleton. We found the rest in the cellars and warehouses of the National Gallery: we collected demolished blanks from older exhibitions and installations, combined them, shortened their legs, added handles, repainted them, overturned them... and breathed life into them a second time.

It was the curators' and our common intention to fill this part of the skeleton of the Trade Fair Palace with content that is more than ever given meaning only by the presence of visitors, their togetherness and free action. We're just taking a little spatial inspiration here. Therefore, come to the Atelier of Creation and the Laboratory of Associative Dreaming to create, to dream associatively or to be poetically. It will probably be just as we will all be users there, for better or worse.

National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace

Curatorial team: Barbora Kleinhamplová, Eva Skopalová, Oldřich Bystřický

Graphic Design: Anežka Minaříková a Marek Nedelka

Artworks (2024): Andrea Kaňkovská, Eva Koťátková, Kristina Fingerland, Anna Hulačová, Kundy Crew, Marie Lukáčová, Marie Tučková and from Elpida organization: Marie Čížková, Marie Horynová, Marie Hrobařová, Anna Kolešová, Jaroslava Lomnická, Pavla Nelibová, Anna Paráková, Dana Píšová, Pavla Tůmová, and Tomáš Vaněk and participating public.

Our role

  • Creative Studio and Laboratory of Associative Dreaming
  • architecture
Photos – Studio Flusser