How we work

What does cooperation with architects look like? Will they impose their own ideas? Will they suggest a financially viable solution? Will I be allowed to express my opinion as a customer?

We see ourselves as guides in No Architects. Nobody has unlimited resources or space – neither do you, no matter if you are an individual or an institution. It is always necessary to choose what is more or less important for a certain intention, what to put emphasis on and where to ease up.

We are the right and knowledgeable partner for this activity. Our architectural cuisine is open for you during the whole cooperation. You will be well-informed and guided through all decisions that are required from your side. There are many decisions to be made, but you will be satisfied only if you are involved and you do not leave it up to a construction company, craftsmen, authorities, or the worse – coincidence.

Step 1. – Introduction

If you want to cooperate with us, the first step for us is to agree on a price. At the beginning, we must arrange to what extent we shall be involved in the project. That is why we need to exchange basic information about your plan. Prompting is enough for us; we will ask questions to find out what is necessary. Within a couple of days, you are given a quote. Our prices roughly correspond with the prices recommended by the Czech Chamber of Architects. After receiving the quote, you will have some time to consider and, if it meets your expectations, the cooperation can start.

Step 2. – Project preparation 

To be successful and reach the finish line it is vital not to underestimate a project’s start. We call it project preparation. It involves gathering all the information that is needed before we draw the first line of the design. It depends mostly on your requirements, but also on legislative limits, or other findings or measures potentially affecting the realisation.

We arrange a personal meeting where you can describe to us your ideas and the designs which inspire you. Everything important we need to know and you do not tell us, we will ask you about it.

A plot of land for a new-build or a property for restoration needs to be visited personally by us. We research the local restrictions and specify potential necessary studies for you.

Step 3. – Architectural sketch

The core of cooperation with an architect is the preparation of the architectural sketch or draft. The interaction between you and us is the most intense during this stage. Based on the nature of your proposal, quote and other factors, we prepare various solutions for the property (area/house/disposition) and atmosphere which we would like to reach. All the variables are introduced to you in our office where we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the concept. You will get these printed and in electronic copy. You can discuss it with your grandma or the supervisory board and choose the prefered version which will be elaborated on afterwards.

After that, we agree on a complex concept of how the draft should look. We have opinions on anything you can think of: shapes, colours, materials, surfaces--starting from a roof covering, finishing with a kitchen tap. The draft is given to you again like an open book. Key materials and colour samples will be presented to you in person in the office. All the final decisions which might need to be made at any moment of the realisation are clearly arranged and presented.

We bear in mind your thoughts from the beginning. That is how we differ from the majority of our competitors: our sketches are very detailed. We think about the draft from the beginning until the end - how to design everything in such a way that the realisation happens the way we want it.

Years of experience have taught us that successful architecture is mainly a well-coordinated jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit together.

Step 4. – Architectural technical drawing

When your final notes are integrated, the finished architectural sketch is changed into a technical drawing according to which the plan can be discussed, approved and built. Now we must deal with the requirements which are stated by the law and executive regulations. A group of specialists, such as structural engineers, acoustic engineers or fire safety engineers, will inspect the project. Until now, we have consulted only your design with them, but now they must be engaged in the process of project creation due to specialised details. During this step you are bothered minimally, although some technical details need to be discussed from time to time.

Briefly speaking - at this stage we manage the preparation of all steps of technical documentation. We will attend meetings to obtain the necessary permits and planning permission on your behalf.

Step 5. – Realisation

We do not leave you in it alone. We help you with everything. If you are interested, we can recommend a reliable supplier to you. We also recommend the supplier to take your order seriously. During the realisation process we provide author supervision and associated services leading to the successful finish of the project, ensuring that you are not only happy but also willing to recommend us with a clear conscience.