Welcome Home

A bright apartment in a new building with large terraces and views of Prague. Where one cooks, eats, works, where children play, watch TV, read, create and sleep...

As part of the overhaul of the layout, we first separated a chunk of the living room and made it into a study, playroom and guest room in one, to settle the overly monumental apartment into a more practical area for family living. This added another layer of potential living constellations, peppered with the ability to monumentalize the space at any time by opening large sliding doors that can disappear seamlessly behind a large bookcase. Step by step, the dwelling was then equipped with furniture designed to suit the apartment and its occupants, whether it was a dining table and bench, a dressing room or valet stand with a mirror, a kitchen, a bar, work desks, a bedroom or play areas for children...

Our role

  • interior
  • new building
Photos – Studio Flusser