White, Gray, Potato

During the reconstruction of one flat in Vinohrady, we focused on a rehabilitation of a period generosity, honouring the forgotten builders who first constructed it.

Most radical changes start in places where it would be hard to spot them and this flat was no exception. We had to deal with privacy requirements and soundproof construction. It was necessary to dismantle the flooring, stiffen load-bearing beams by adding reinforcing bars, and to face the ceiling or to brick up windows to the air shaft – future elevator well. Then the unsuitable layout had to be sorted by moving non-load bearing walls and replacing them with steel bressumers.

The whole interior is dominated with a period aesthetic of natural colours such as wood and white cassette surfaces, combined with dull shades of grey, green, potato, the natural shades of oak.

Our role

  • apartment
  • reconstruction
Photos – Studio Flusser